By using waterproof ECO panels produced from recycled packaging and polyethylene, the drying time of ECOPanel walls is much faster.

Építési panel
Építési panel

Outstanding features

ECOpanel’s biggest advantage – over the most commonly used panels and building materials (like: OSB) – is waterproofing. Most of the building panels are only water resistant and they easily swell in water and lose their structure, therefore they are not suitable for outdoor usage. Furthermore, toxic substances may also be released during the manufacturing process thanks to the use of adhesives.

The totally waterproof ECOpanels can be used both indoor and outdoor. The glueless manufacturing process makes ECOPanels 100% environmentally friendly.

Wide range of application

ECO panels are usable for: roof installation, sandwich panel roofs or walls, wall structures indoors and outdoors, floors, final processing of walls and ceilings, repair and renovation, superstructure of residential buildings, carpentry, temporary fence of constructions, temporary covering of slots, temporary storage construction tools, fairs, decorations, furnitures, upholstery, sales and exhibition stands, billboards and any many more creative use.

Építési panel

What is this made of?

Eco Panel is made of materials below:

Tetra Pak

Label of soft drink bottles

Chips packaging

Toothpaste tube

Coffee packaging

Chocolate wrapper

Candy sachet (Tearable foil)

Shrink Wrap


There is currently only one size.

2 mm deviation is going to be eliminated, ensuring 10 mm thickness constantly.

1220x2440 board size and 12,15,18, 20 mm thicknesses are currently under development.

Recycled waste, waterproof, reasonable price, easy workability, 100% recyclable - Not UV resistant, there is in only one size, thermal expansion is high under scorching sun.

Warranty applies only if it has never been used before and stored properly.

500 pcs (1265m2) quantity is available in our stock.

It usually takes 14 workdays to deliver, if you order more than 500 pcs..

It depends on the quantity. You may be eligible for a discount if you order more than 100 pcs.

98% waterproof. (It is not waterproof at the cutted surface)

Screw, wood screw, metric screw, glue.

Steel or wood. 40-60 cm gap is suggested in the structure.

For anything, it’s up to your imagination.

No, because it doesn’t contain glue and it is pressed on a high temperature. Panels consist only of food packaging.

Technical data

For more information, please check the complete technical description, certificates and the fire protection data sheet.



10 mm Ecopanel

115x220 cm

9.875 HUF/sheet

15 mm Ecopanel

120x220 cm

13.340 HUF/sheet

18 mm Ecopanel

115x220 cm

14.300 HUF/sheet

Wholesale prices

From 100pcs

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ECO Panel

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